The Breath of Life started in the eighties when a trio of musicians were joined by a young female singer. With the release of the second studio album «Taste of sorrow» in 1994 the Belgian band developed a unique sound complemented by, what the press described as, the ‘magical voice’ of Isabelle Dekeyser. "The songs are endearing and energetic, with the bass well forward, nerve guitars, original use of the violin, electronic stormy moods and sometimes lyrical, sometimes angry voices" (Books CARNETS NOIRS - International scene). You should recognise their classic club-hits «Nasty cloud» and «Shining». The first five albums were recorded and mixed by the well-know French producer Gilles Martin.

Starting off with regional performances, they soon continued to play all over Europe including big events such as Zillo Festival, M’era luna, Castle Party, Whitby Festival, Gothic Autumn Night, Eurorock, Dour Festival, Wave Gotik Treffen, etc. 

In 2020, The Breath of Life is back and proudly releases a new album "SPARKS AROUND US" (produced by Gilles Martin). With this 10th release, the band entices the listener back into their own specific realm of emotions.


PHILIPPE MAUROY - guitar, drums programming
GIOVANNI BORTOLIN - violin, keyboards