We will play at W FESTIVAL 2019 in Amougies (B)

JULY 2018

The Autumn Moon time table

We will play on Saturday 13th at 21:00 on the boat.

MAY 2018


We will play at AUTUMN MOON 2018 in HAMELN (D) !!!

MARCH 2018


April-September 2017





We are happy to learn that we will play with CLAN OF XYMOX  and THE ARCH  in February at Magasin 4 - Brussels


We are pleased to announce our forthcoming participation in La Danse Macabre compilation #3 (AT SEA COMPILATIONS).


JUNE 2017

Under The Falling Stars : Some reviews

JUNE 2017

New TBOL album "Under the falling stars" has just entered in the Deutsche Alternative Charts and is number 6

 MAI 2017

We are pleased to announce we are playing at WGT Liepzig on Saturday 03/06 (22:30) at Felsenkeller.

MAY 2017

Videos  from the new album "Under The Falling Stars" : "Crime Passsionnel" & "Blackout"

APRIL 2017
The new video of the single "Crime passionnel" taken from the forthcoming album "Under the falling stars" (coming out on the 22nd of May) :

APRIL 2017
RADIO RECTANGLE (Belgian Webradio) has listened to our new album. Here is the review (in french)
Click on picture to see it.

November 2017

Our new video has been published : A RAINBOW IS FADING directed by JG Dermine

APRIL 2017
This post concern a compilation tribute to the French band Les Bérurriers Noirs. Tbol have recorded one of the songs that will be featured on the upcoming compilation. 
Fin des années 80, au début de notre vie de groupe, nous avons joué en première partie des BERURIERS NOIRS. C'était en Belgique à Sivry. J'avoue avoir assez peu de souvenirs des concerts proprement dits. J'étais à l'époque batteur de Breath Of Life et je me souviens surtout du son génial que j'avais. Ça devait être une des premières fois qu'on jouait sur une sono correcte et j'étais épaté par la puissance que les retours me renvoyaient quand je tapais sur mes tambours. Pour le reste c'est plutôt vague, je sais qu'on avait déjà donné un concert à Huy ce jour là l'après-midi et j'imagine que j'étais déjà bien en forme ... 
Tout ça pour vous dire que quelques lustres plus tard The Breath Of Life rencontre de nouveau les Bérus. Le tout jeune label North Shadows Record d'Arras nous a demandé de participer à un tribute au duo. Pas forcément évident à priori de marier les deux univers mais voilà qui est fait et vous serez seuls juges. 
Ce n'était pas gagné d'avance, les Bérus ne laissent pas facilement leur répertoire se faire reprendre et encore moins gravé et il a fallu de la conviction au label pour obtenir l'autorisation. Pour se donner les moyens de leurs ambitions ils ont lancé un kisskissbankbank et nous espèrons que leur motivation sera récompensée . Un petit click sur la photo pour être redirigé... Phil

March 2017

The decision is made  : the new album "Under The Falling Stars" will be also released on vinyl.

February 2017

Isabelle & Phil were with Gilles Martin & Thomas Neidhardt for the final touches on the new album mix at Saint-Brisson-sur-Loire (France)

December 2016

Under construction


We are very pleased to announce The breath of life will be performing live on February the 25th @ The Vertigo, a small club in Arras (North of France).
After a year hidden in the rehearsal room we are very excited to be back on stage and play a full show with some of the new songs. 
We look forwards to seeing you there !

November 2016

Isabelle and Phil are back from France where they spent few days with their friend and well known producer Gilles Martin. It was such a great pleasure to see him again. They had few fantastic days all together talking about the past and the new collaborations. We are all very excited for this new album "Under the falling stars".

October 2016

First step towards the new album : the bass has been recorded last week on all finished songs. It sounds already great! The band is still working on some new tunes.

September 2016

We are happy to inform you that our new album, the 8th, will be called "Under the falling stars". We are very excited and proud about the new songs. Stay tuned to keep up on the process ...

August 2016

Songs for the next album are on their way and rehearsals are running full speed, yeah ! :-) We have planned to release this record on cd and in a digital version. For the first time, a vinyl release could also be an option ...

July 2016

We are extremely happy to announce that our new album will be produced by Gilles Martin. It will be recorded in Belgium and mixed in France by the end of this year. We have already worked with Gilles for our first five albums and enjoyed it so much.

Gilles Martin is a French producer well known for his collaborations with some legendary bands during the eighties such as Tuxedomoon, Minimal Compact, Colin Newman, Malaria, Anna Domino, The Names, etc. He has also worked with Deus and the well known French artists like Miossec and Dominique A. Recently he has produced three albums for the famous French band Indochine. 

We are so pleased and very looking forward to working with him again. :-)

June -May 2016

JUNE 2016 
The band is currently working on new songs. Recording sessions are planned for next autumn and the new album will be released in 2017.

MAY 2016
A few weeks ago we told you about the departure of Marc Haerden, our beloved drummer. 
Now, we would like to announce the return of our drum machine. 
We had a great experience of over 15 years with those funny toys, and we made the choice to work again how we did in the the early days of TBOL. 
We want to concentrate on the good aspects of using a rhythm box and, believe us, it's gonna be very interesting.

We are still working on new songs for the new album and we plan to start the recording by the end of this year. 
In the meantime we wish you to discover and see good bands during this wonderful festival season !!!!!

Enjoy and dream


MArch 2016

With a heavy heart we announce to you that Marc, our beloved drummer and friend, has decided to stop playing music. 
Marc has been playing drums in The Breath of Life for about 10 years. 
We had fun and wonderful emotions all together. 
We respect his choice and we'll miss him very much. 
Playing music must be a passion. When you loose it, it's difficult to keep going in a band. 
He thinks it's to right time to stop. 
Marc remains a very good friend for us. 
The Breath of Life continue to work on new songs. 
We haven't decided yet if it will be with a drummer, a rhythm box or a computer but we promise you a new album in the near future.